Nonna’s house on Sundays. The whole family. Aunts, cousins, uncles, neighbors, and friends. The smell of tomatoes, garlic, and rosemary wafting out from the kitchen. Everybody sitting around the big table, shoulder to shoulder. Drinking wine, joking, laughing, teasing while we wait for the food. Eagerly anticipating, yet not in a rush. Big plates of pasta arrive, along with sausage and peppers, chicken, meatballs, and tomato sauce … The food disappears, soaking up every last drop of sauce with our bread.

Then comes dessert. We laugh at ourselves because no matter what, we always save room for dessert.

At Jack’s Home Cooking, we know the importance of a mealtime experience and we know how to make it special. The food is not fancy, but it will be tasty. And if you’re not hungry, grab a seat and join us at the bar. Our bartenders are always looking to make new friends. And rumor has it, they can make a pretty mean cocktail.

We are right where we belong. This is our home.Join us. You are part of our family.